Summary by Matt
Original Article by Five Ultimate

Overview: Most mids only place focus on their faking and cutting. Many a time they forget about setting up and clearing out, which is equally, if not more important than the actual act of cutting. Clearing out helps to create space for the target areas. The bigger the target areas are, the more advantageous it is for your offense cutters. This article is great in highlighting that importance and gives 5 practical tips on how to clear out properly. 

Usability: All cutters   

Level: Intermediate  

  • Clearing is a mish-mash of all three modes of play: part movement, part set-up, part rest. It is the act of repositioning
  • Clearing effectively is important in 1) helping you get the disc again and 2) rotating the offense so that other mids get the space to attack after u

5 Keys to Clearing Effectively

  1. See the Field: Vision is key.
    You need to know these few things:
    a) where you are on the field (in relation to the disc)
    b) where your teammates are on the field (so you don’t cut into them)
    c) knowing where the offensive target (and conversely defensive dangers) are on the field.

    • You need to know when you are not the next target. It is your job to get out of the target area / possible throwing lane and to move as quickly as possible to accomplish this. Most often, it means to move laterally away from the disc, towards the sideline, and back to the stack.
    • *Guys this is very very important for our horizontal offense. we are clearing in a convection current, so be sure to flush yourselves to the sidelines and sprint downwards to move your defender + clock distance such that you are ready to attack for the next pass.
  2. Use the Space
    • See the space where your team is attacking and get away from it during your clearing movement.
    • *Guys this is very important. for our hori we are using the middle 2 lanes to attack, but a lot of you are clearing out using the middle two lanes. pls avoid that space unless you are free and attacking.
    • Always use the full space that you possibly can, using the width of the field to get out of the way of play and give yourself more room to set up your next cut or get back into your stack positioning. Otherwise, you’ll likely limit your own options for the next offensive move.
    • *This is a shoutout to the wings. a lot of you tend to float into the middle two lanes. stick on the sidelines and use your run to turn your defender. also when clearing out, hug the sideline so that our hori uses the entire width. by narrowing the space, we are losing out.
  3. Be Dangerous and Be Ready
    • Even when clearing, be a dangerous threat. Always keep your eye on the disc and communicate with thrower
  4. Engage Your Defender
    • Deny him/her opportunity to poach. Use the sharp angles. Keep your speed high. Move quickly in a smart and threatening fashion.
  5. Work Hard
    • There is no shortcut to this. You are in the point for a reason, so endure the entire point. Many of you guys tend to get lazy on the way you clear + set up, trying to conserve energy but it leads to inefficient cutting as you are not getting free. You cannot rest during the clear. Work hard! Fighting! 💪💪