Summary by Matt
Original Article by Dusty Becker

Overview: This article summarizes cutting in a horizontal into 5 simple steps. 

Usability: Mids and Wings in a Horizontal Offense

Level: Beginner

  1. Narrow the gap between you and your defender. Engage him. Get him on his heels.
  2. Clear Out! It is much easier to cut from the side positions in the horizontal. Middle needs to be vacated for the cutters to cut in.
  3. Become a wing. That position is great for observing. Get yourself out of the way and be aware of where your defender is. Engage your defender by constantly moving, shifting, looking ready. When your defender tries to poach, it is a good opportunity to attack to get the disc (the target area away from the poach).
  4. Become a middle cutter again. You can either cut diagonally into the horizontal lane, or just sprint directly horizontal into your defender to put him on his heels.
  5. Set up early. Fake well. Run hard and cut sharp. Be aggressive.