Summary by Joce
Original Article on Skyd Magazine

Overview:  Cutting is not just about getting free, but creating separation between you and your defender. This article will dig deep into how to use footwork, otherwise known as Rehearsed Movement Patterns (RMPs), to create separation.

Usability: Cutters  looking to increase their separation. Mentions a ladder drill in the article to improve footwork.  

Level: Intermediate  (Read the below article 5 on cutter moves to get open before this)

Different ways that players use to get open:

  1. Excellent timing and deception
  2. Agile movements and quick acceleration
  3. A higher top speed on the run – can be done if you have incredible top speed
  4. Footwork – allows you to manipulate the defenders position, get them to commit / put them on their heels, then whiz by them
  5. Body Blocking

Elite ultimate players are great at all of these methods, but every cutter needs to find at least ONE that they specialize at doing over and over and succeeds in doing so. In order to get the above done right and incorporated into your muscle memory, you need to first improve your footwork and body control. Read the article to find out more about the ladder drill and how to incorporate that technique into field play.