Summary by Justin
Original Article on Understanding Ultimate

Overview:  This article talks about that magical moment of “flow”, when the disc beautifully moves downfield without much “obstruction” . It’s not all that magical, and the key is to understand what makes it happen, and what doesn’t. This article tells you how. 

Usability: Cutters. Specifically for continuation cutting. 

Level: Beginner – Intermediate 

  • The ‘right place to be’ is the worst place to be, if you haven’t beaten your defender. You’ll just be in the way.
  • The cutter has to make sure that the defender can’t see BOTH you AND the disc.
    a) Get his full attention on you (before the disc even moves), so he has no idea where the disc is going and can’t be in the right position to defend, or
    b) Force him to look completely away from you to check the location of the disc, giving you the chance to go anywhere you like while he’s not looking.
  • Key is to bear in mind your goal – do not let the defender get the information he needs (position of the disc and position of the cutter)
  • Making your team better at flowing down the field comes down to one thing – never standing still and flat-footed in the stack
  • Be on your toes; jump into the defender’s blind spot continually