Summary by Ching Mun
Original Article on Ultimate Rob

Overview: A very useful article teaching you the fundamental points that cutters need to be aware and mindful of  in order to make effective cuts.  Also, includes precious tips on how to deceive your defenders, tips on springing free, how to when to cut, different cutting techniques, and how to maximize your contribution as a cutter . Read this, and you would have mastered the art of cutting well. 

Usability: Cutters 

Level: Intermediate

The 3 Fundamentals

  1. “Firstly, a cutter should ‘know the thrower’.”- Know what the handler likes to throw and what they can throw.
  2. “Cutter should know what the thrower is expecting to throw”- especially if you are making a continuation cut.
  3. “Cutter should be aware of cutting space”- know which spaces are open to cut and also know when to clear when out.

Using your wits / How to deceive your defender into getting open & free: 

  1. Physical: Change of direction and/or acceleration
  2. Mental: Be observant of your defender – is she looking away? What is she taking away? What is she giving?
  3. Simple timing: Move the defender – drag them away from the target of the cut

Tips on when to cut: 

  1. When marker is off balance / on heels
  2. When marker is not looking, as they look back to check the disc
  3. When marker gets body position wrong / feet crossed
  4. Cut only after having moved your marker away from target area

Different cutting techniques:

  1. Head and shoulder fake
  2. Out/In or In/Out
  3. Jab step

Things you must know to maximize your contribution as a cutter: 

  1. Knowing where the next player will be cutting to
  2. Having the correct grip on the disc to enable a swift release
  3. Stepping into the correct position to facilitate that throw
  4. Being balanced
  5. Having the confidence to complete the immediate continuation pass