Summary by Justin
Original Article by Five Ultimate

Level: Expert

Overview: This article talks about Revolver’s new cutting pattern of isolating downfield cutters, giving more time and space for the priority cutter to work with. The article talks about simplifying decisions and using 1-on-1 matchups to get free. Teaches the isolation cut, its mechanics and how to create and connect isolation opportunities.  

Usability: Great for mids. A great read for the poached.  Great for teams that have strong athletic match ups. 

  1. Consider the amount of space between where you want to cut into (too shallow – end up too close to the handler; too deep – risk of underhucking).
  2. Pay a lot of attention to the defender guarding them. Their goal is to make the defender turn his hips and commit somewhere.
  3. The most effective cutters make quick changes of direction at the very instant the defender is moving in a different direction, forcing a commitment, however small, from the defender while staying uncommitted themselves.
  4. For cutters who are poached, they are in the best position to create isolation cuts. Don’t try to rush into the play, find an open space and attack it decisively.