Summary by Ryan / Joce
Original Article on Understanding Ultimate

Overview:  The article delivers an important message about giving positive and constructive feedback to your team-mates as compared to venting. Being stern as a coach is okay, but the heat of the moment attacks are not. 

Usability: For players looking to better manage their frustrations

Level: Intermediate

“Why do we criticise a player? Why are we so negative about our team-mates’ mistakes? Because we’re idiots, and because we’re selfish.”

Why do we vent our frustrations?

  • General release of frustration / negative energy
  • Passing the blame
  • Emphasizing your own usefulness to the team
  • Venting is usually an ego problem

What happens to the player you vent at for throwing a risky throw? 

  1. The player decides to prove you wrong, to prove his value, and throws yet more risky stuff.
  2. The player goes into his shell, second-guesses every choice, and starts turning over dump passes. He delays every throw while he consciously evaluates whether it’s ‘safe’ enough, and ends up too late in everything he does. More mistakes come, and the whole thing spirals downwards.

In essence, support your team; foster an environment where they all feel valued and confident, and you will actually make a difference.