Summary by Cheryl
Original Article by Five Ultimate

Overview: The number  one goal for a cutter is to get open.This article shares 5 different cutting patterns that downfield cutters can use to get free. The article also labels each cut with a target area, difficulty level and also best used in which situation/strategy. 

Usability: Cutters who need to shake off their defenders. These cuts will help you, I swear by it.  

Level: Intermediate 

  1. Learn to cut smart, not just fast.
  2. Personally, I feel #1 The Z Cut is really advantageous especially for someone who can’t break their defender on speed, like myself. I love using it during horizontal offense as well.
  3. The Deep Pull Cut is beneficial during stall counts around 4 onwards, as a deep cut is offered to the handler and there is good yardage for the handler to put to instead of risking turnovers at/near the handler can be prevented.
  4. Break-Live Cut and the Push-and-Pick Cut (technically running towards your defender to let them backpaddle first), is beneficial especially during first cuts of hori offense.
  5. Run hard, use sharp angles, and attack the space, and you’re bound to get open. Have an idea of what type of space you want to attack beforehand, if all fails, clear as hard as you intend to cut in.