Summary by Elmer
Original Article by Tim Horden

Overview:  This reflective article shares what good defense looks like, first as an individual, then as a team.  It is an easy read and great for beginner defenders to start learning the right stuff. 

Usability: Mid Defenders 

Level: Beginner

2 major categories of defense:

  1. Good individual defense
    • Always be within 0.5m to 1.5m of your player
    • Guard the man, not the disc. Good defense is just about denying the other team the disc. Do not poach unless you are 100% certain of the block.
    • Be wary of opponents drawing fouls at high stall counts
  2. Defend as a team
    • Frisbee is a team sport. COMMUNICATE. Your team mate doesn’t have eyes on the back of his/her head
    • Play your part to boost the overall team defense
    • Listen to the coaches to know when to switch up the defense