Summary by Joce
Original Article by Gwen Ambler

Overview: This article will help you know how to cut in a horizontal stack by being aware and using on-field cues. 

Usability: Horizontal O, Mids

Level: Intermediate

  • All cutters need to accurately read three things simultaneously: the defense, the thrower, and the spaces on the field
  • “Take what the defense gives you.” this means you need to know what your defender is trying to take away from you – read the article to find out.
  •  All cutters need to develop a series of jukes/moves to get free. the article has 2 ways to do it.
  • There are 3 open options that you can offer – open, break and deep. no defender even the best can take away all 3 at once. your job is to recognize which is open, position yourself, set up to maximize the throwing window in that space, and ATTACK hard and fast.
  • The best way for thrower + cutter to communicate is through the disc fakes. handlers, make sure your disc fakes are clear. being vocal is also good.
  • Read the thrower and know their comfort levels / throwing ranges. handler not having that throw doesn’t mean you cannot cut into that space, it just means you have to really sell that cut
  • Be aware of your other teammates positioning and open spaces.