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Cutting with Flow

Summary by Justin Original Article on Understanding Ultimate Overview:  This article talks about that magical moment of “flow”, when the disc beautifully moves downfield without much “obstruction” . It’s not all that magical, and the key is to understand what makes it happen, and what doesn’t. This article tells you how.  Usability: Cutters. Specifically for continuation cutting.  Level: Beginner […]

Cutting Calculus

Summary by Max (added on by Joce) Original Article on Skyd Magazine Overview:  This article interestingly  talks about effort = output. Because of lack of decisive form or function, much effort usually goes to waste. As players mature and defenders get more agile, more aware and more disciplined in denying areas, the conventional tools that […]

Creating Separation in Ultimate

Summary by Joce Original Article on Skyd Magazine Overview:  Cutting is not just about getting free, but creating separation between you and your defender. This article will dig deep into how to use footwork, otherwise known as Rehearsed Movement Patterns (RMPs), to create separation. Usability: Cutters  looking to increase their separation. Mentions a ladder drill in the article […]

Tuesday Tips: 5 Cutter Moves Guaranteed to get you Open

Summary by Cheryl Original Article by Five Ultimate Overview: The number  one goal for a cutter is to get open.This article shares 5 different cutting patterns that downfield cutters can use to get free. The article also labels each cut with a target area, difficulty level and also best used in which situation/strategy.  Usability: Cutters who need to […]

Mastering the Art of Cutting in Ultimate

Summary by Ching Mun Original Article on Ultimate Rob Overview: A very useful article teaching you the fundamental points that cutters need to be aware and mindful of  in order to make effective cuts.  Also, includes precious tips on how to deceive your defenders, tips on springing free, how to when to cut, different cutting techniques, and how to maximize […]

The Cutting Tree

Summary by Terry Original Article on Skyd Magazine Overview: This article is all about getting free and gaining precious separation.  Usability: All Cutters. There is a cutting drill in the article.  Level: Intermediate Immediacy & Commitment  Important to develop a habit of cutting hard even while fatigued as well as a DECISIVE “pattern” of cutting that drills […]

5 Easy Steps to Cutting in a Horizontal

Summary by Matt Original Article by Dusty Becker Overview: This article summarizes cutting in a horizontal into 5 simple steps.  Usability: Mids and Wings in a Horizontal Offense Level: Beginner Narrow the gap between you and your defender. Engage him. Get him on his heels. Clear Out! It is much easier to cut from the side positions in the […]

Use On-Field Cues

Summary by Joce Original Article by Gwen Ambler Overview: This article will help you know how to cut in a horizontal stack by being aware and using on-field cues.  Usability: Horizontal O, Mids Level: Intermediate All cutters need to accurately read three things simultaneously: the defense, the thrower, and the spaces on the field “Take what the defense […]

The New Fundamental: Revolver’s Isolation Cutting, Powered by Agility

Summary by Justin Original Article by Five Ultimate Level: Expert Overview: This article talks about Revolver’s new cutting pattern of isolating downfield cutters, giving more time and space for the priority cutter to work with. The article talks about simplifying decisions and using 1-on-1 matchups to get free. Teaches the isolation cut, its mechanics and how to create […]

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