Have you ever wondered about the Camels and our camel-stry?
Here’s a little something to dispel some of our mystery…

Thirsty Camels @ MUO 2015

Thirsty Camels @ MUO 2015

Thirsty Camels – We are a Ultimate Frisbee Team based in sunny island Singapore. We love everything about frisbee – whether it’s panting under the 35 degrees Celsius hot sun, doing PT until our arms break or throwing discs around and risk them hitting you right in the face. Sounds crazy, but it’s impossible to not love.

How did we start? On a spur, the founders, MJS thought to start a club of their own. Starting something from scratch is never easy, but they decided to give it a go anyway. It was not all “official-like” at first, but then bigger dreams took over. Fast forward 2 years now and the camels have grown to a club of 40-50 happy camels. We’re happy that we gave it a shot. Now we all have a place to call home. And we have camels of different sizes and shapes, we like it.

Thirsty Camels

Thirsty Camels @ Manila Spirits 2015

How did our name come about, you ask? Well, I suppose its a combination of jokes and wits (or so we like to think) that got us this name. We are thirsty for Ultimate (though Blee would say beer), and at the same time we are always thirsty because of Ultimate. Camels – because we like to think we are tough and resilient against our Singapore sun & more, though most of the time we just want to store all our water for a rainy day.

What’s our vision?  We hope that the Camels can be a home for players to grow and improve. We can all learn and teach each other how to be better. Not just at  Ultimate, but hopefully in life too. We aim to build a team that will stick together through it all.

To be continued…