Hi, here you can find a list of websites / resources that are made available on the internet thanks to the dedicated geniuses in Ultimate.  We’ve compiled them here and we’ve starred* those that our personal favourites that you must not miss!  And of course, tell us here if we’re missing anything.
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Hold the Line* Where to go to for the latest scoop on the local (Singapore) scene? Hold the Line has great analysis and news coverage on the local tournaments and leagues. Follow their instagram for highlight reels.
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SKYD Magazine* Covers exciting and must-read news on Ultimate Frisbee happenings around the world. Has a great youtube channel where you can watch amazing highlights of international tournaments.
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Rise Up Ultimate* Very good video tutorials on advanced fundamentals with drill examples. Topics covered include handler offense, throwing, man defense… Great coaching materials.
*Full episodes require a subscription but they have preview episodes for your viewing
The Huddle* Many great issues comprising of articles that cover a broad range of topics. Covers a spectrum of skill levels. Topics include basics such as footwork, catching, throwing, dump adjustments but also more advanced topics like zone defense, field vision and set plays.
Understanding Ultimate by Benji Heywood (Scotland)  Offers very good information in articles. Topics covered include skills and techniques such as boxing out, catching, cutting, defense, market, throwing etc
Ultimate Rob*  by Rob Has great articles on drills, offense, training, leadership etc.
UltiWorld* Has all the latest news about Ultimate Frisbee from all over the world. Covers big tournaments like WUGC, AUDL etc. Be sure to follow their tuesday tips feed.
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Ultimate Strategy & Coaching Articles related to coaching ultimate and strategy
Ultimate Frisbee HQ  Information about the game, terminologythrows, tips and plays.
Ultimate Leh A local (Singapore) blog
What is Ultimate A site that covers the very basic understanding of Ultimate. For beginners.